Its music is powerful, yet intimate. Wistful, danceable, catchy synth lines, Gregorian choirs, punky guitars, haunting arps and lyrics that really have something to say. All these things are echoes from the 80s that can be found back within the music of La Lune Noire.

Inspired by the likes of Gary Numan, Front 242, Killing Joke, Depeche Mode and early Simple Minds, La Lune Noire reminds you to the new wave era, but have created an authentic and modern sound of their own.



In 2009 they released their debut album “Nitrogen” on their own Svinx Records label. An album where cancer and loss of family and friends are the main themes.


In 2011 their second album “Exster” was released, receiving very positive critics in magazines like dark Entries, Peek a Boo and Side Line Magazine.

The former studio band then turned their eyes to the stage. Touring alternative festivals like Summer Darkness, BLACK-OUT Fesitval, Winterborn and Seawave and supporting bands like Clan of Xymox and VNV Nation, the band has now a show which you donnot want to miss.


The album “Echoland” was released on February the 1st 2014. More scary, more spooky, but still finding the right balance between moody songs and uptempo EBM.


On October the 20th 2018 La Lune Noire released their album “Dictator”. An album on witch singer and copywriter Victor  is not afraid to put the world under a critical magnifying glass. The music is once more powerfull in the previous albums. Especially live on stage!


February 21st 2021 is the release date for their fifth album “Under the Rose”. A tribute to our friend Rudy Meyerink with whom Victor formed the band “Under the Rose” in the late 80’s and 90’s. In 2013 Rudy died and with this album we make sure that his legacy lives forever. We have re-recorded Rudy’s songs and remixed a few of Victor’s already released songs from the Under the Rose era.

This is our first “digital-only” album. You can listen to it on every streaming-service, buy it at lot’s of digital music shops and of course on Bandcamp.

On October 31st, 2021, La Lune Noire released their sixth studio album “Complot – fictional facts”

The album is called Complot (Fictional Facts). Why?
Complot is the Dutch word for Conspiracy. Nowadays we live in a world where every fact is questioned and where everybody has its own truth. Victor felt the need to write another concept album for La Lune Noire and this was the perfect title for an album full of conspiracy theories.

So, what can we expect in the lyrics?
As usual, Victor has written his lyrics in the I person and this time takes on the roles of several conspiracy theorists. Like someone who believes the moon landing was fake or someone who thinks Marilyn Monroe was killed instead of suicide. In this song (Monroe), Victor repeats 2 sentences over and over again. At the end of the song, you’ve heard it so many times, you start to question yourself if it was suicide. This is what could happen in the mind of someone who is obsessed.

Are you conspiracy theorist yourselves?
Are writers of murder stories murderers? No! We are just musicians that write fictional mini novels, hidden in 5-minute pop songs. When Victor is singing, he’s like an actor playing his role in some movie. When you believe what he sings, he has played his role well. We don’t choose sides and never say what’s right or wrong. You’re old and wise enough to make up your own mind. ?

Two albums in one year?
The previous album Under the Rose was an album of old songs of Victor’s former band Under the Rose. He only had to re-arrange these songs. In the meantime, he never stopped writing new songs and this is the result. Yes, we could have waited another year to release it, but, why should we? We’re very proud of it and anxious to share it with you.

What has changed musically?
Expect the unexpected. Yes, at least half of the songs of the album are typically La Lune Noire, but you might be surprised about the other songs. With no boundaries of a record company and the freedom to explore new soundscapes, songs like Salem, Monroe, Illuminati and The Butterfly Effect are not the ones that can be put into boxes labelled ‘goth’, ‘synthpop’, ‘new wave’ or whatever other label. Be open minded, so are we.

13 songs on the track listing. Is that a coincidence?
No. It’s the perfect number of songs for an album with a title like this one. 

La Lune Noire is here to haunt you !


2023-08-19ZebrafestivalDe Bunker, Gemert
2023-06-03Han's PlaceDordrecht
2023-04-22LostfestZierikzeeFire Within
2023-02-23BLACK-OUT @Main StageBibelot, DordrechtForced to Mode (DE)
Angels & Agony
2023-01-28De BunkerDe Bunker, GemertTenedle
2022-12-17Wave InvasionThe Crossover Music Pub, Gent (BE)This can hurt
2022-10-22Wave Invasion @ OJC de RoosOJC De Roos, DeurneO.C.D.
2022-10-14Café BlufCafé Bluf, HeerlenMachfox
2022-01-22Dark Winter FestivalLe Garage Creative Music, Liege, BelgiumWISBORG (D)
2021-10-30Sinner's Day 2021Heusden Zolder, BelgiumGary Numan
London after midnight
A split second
And also the trees
Leather strip
Linea Aspera
Fields of the Nephilim
Minimal Compact
UK Subs
Trisomie 21
She past away
Test dept
The blockheads
Jah Wobble
The Stranglers
The Mission
Praga Khan
Red Zebra
The Foreign Resort
Glen Matlock
Minuit Machine
And many others
2021-10-15Geleen CallingDe Reunie, GeleenRoza Parks
Designer Violence
2019-10-18Stand and DeliverHeimathirsch, Koln (Germany) 
2019-05-04Mysteria FantasyFairAarschot, Belgium 
2019-01-19La Lune Noire & TenedleB52, Eernegem, BelgiumTenedle (NL)
2018-12-14On the House: Wave InvasionWillem Twee, Den Bosch32 Ohm (NL)
2018-11-23Platzhirsch Festival 2018Duisburg, GermanyNon-Alignment Pact (NL)
Korinthioans (BE)
2018-10-20Album release partyPopcentrale DordrechtTenedle (NL)
2018-10-05Wave Invasion BrigantBrigant Arnhem32 Ohm (NL)
2018-03-24Synthetic City London 2018
Electronic Music Festival
The Water Rats, London, United KingdomBerlyn Trilogy (UK)
The Circuit Symphony UK)
Cult With No Name (UK)
Dicepeople (UK)
Johnny Normal (UK)
LegPuppy (UK)
Mr. Strange (UK)
Palais Ideal (NL)
Perpacity (UK/DK)
2017-10-28Nachschade HalloweenLola, GroningenNoir Antidote (NL)
2017-10-27SubkulturSubkultur, Hannover, GermanyAngels & Agony (NL)
Noir Antidote (NL)
2017-08-18 –
W-Festival 2017Airport Amogies, BelgiumFiji
DJ Zebedeus
The Serious Five
Suffocating Minds
Honeymoon Cowboys
Star Industry
The Arch
Neon electronics
Xarah Dion
Lene Lovich Band
The Kids
Sian Evens
Peter Hook
Anne Clark
The Human League
Vomito Negro
China Crisis
Big Country
Fisher Z
Thompson Twins’Tom Bailey
Front 242
Red Zebra
2017-04-15BLACK-OUT Festival 2017Poppodium Bibelot, DordrechtSchwarzblut (NL)
Asrai (NL)
Dageist (FR)
2016-09-24Dark Days New Wave Partyde Reunie, GeleenDer Klinke (BE)
Ground Nero (NL)
2016-02-20HPC WinterfestHaags Popcentrum, Den Haag 
2015-11-14New Wave CafeAlblasserdam 
2015-06-06Evil Goat Riders & La Lune NoireStudio Gonz, GoudaEvil Goat Riders (NL)
2015-03-28La Lune Noire / Benny Hittde Reunie, GeleenBenny Hitt (NL)
2015-01-31New Wave PartyDe Keet, Rotterdam 
2014-10-10Diary of DreamsP60, AmstelveenDiary of Dreams (DE)
The Arch (BE)
2014-09-20BLACK-OUT Presents Soviet SovietPoppodium, BibelotSoviet Soviet (IT)
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Diary of Dreams (DE)
Decoded Feedback (CA)
Star Industry (BE)
Der Klinke (BE)
Slave Republic (DE)
Deviant UK (UK)
2014-04-11Club Noir Excess LiveJC Volta, Amsterdam 
2014-02-15Coldwave / EBM gigBelvedère, Namur, BelgiumOrganic (BE)
2014-02-01Echoland CD ReleasePoppodium Bibelot Powerstage 
2013-10-18 BLACK-OUT Festival 2013 Poppodium, Bibelot VNV Nation (UK)
Angels & Agony (NL)
Dancing Horses (NL)
2013-07-28Summer DarknessDomplein, Utrecht Sophya (ISR/NL)
Scarlet Soho (UK)
The Essence (NL)
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2012-11-17Confusion ’t Blok, Nieuwerkerk a/d IjsselSynthetica (NL)
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Erato (BE)
Mask (BE)
2012-06-01Club Noir Excess LiveJC Volta, AmsterdamSynthetica (NL)
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Schwarzblut (NL)
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Pocketwatch (UK)
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Sophya (NL)
Luxury Stranger (NL)
The Chameleon Vox (UK)
2009-09-27Nitrogen CD ReleasePopcentrale, DordrechtPattern Cutoff (NL)