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NEWS | in the past

Next gig !

Bedankt iedereen die gisterenavond die naar 32 Ohm en ons kwam kijken. Ook Willem Twee poppodium bedankt, we komen graag nog eens terug ! (foto's gemaakt door 32 Ohm)

La Lune Noire has a show on 2018-12-14 at 20:00 @ W2 Poppodium in 'S-Hertogenbosch, NB https://www.reverbnation.com/q/7djvvz

Check out our track We have lost the Way on the radio show De dag des Oordeels ! Thanks Danny ! https://www.mixcloud.com/DeDagDesOordeels/de-dag-des-oordeels-243/?fbclid=IwAR2IIHqDehkQYw9srPkumBn6Eys_bFALJ7Vzpnoy6o31CPIZxLaxZsyfsJs

Our song We have lost the Way from our latest album Dictator on Dj Scott Durand - Dark Indulgence Industrial Mixshow (USA) ! Thanks Scott !

I found another old fan video of Hurt but not Broken ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7kRGXLcx9cQ

We are extremely proud to announce that we will play at the MysteriA Fantasy-Fair 2019 om May the 4th !!! Looking so much forward to this ! :-)

You can listen to our song Wired to the Screen on Bridget Kyle Gray radio show My favorite Sings here : http://radiowarwickshire.com/podcast/my-favourite-sings-with-bridget-gray-episode-28-lights-camera-action/?fbclid=IwAR0rx4POqLDbkxEjuaKWzYtsq8YSoImrQSd9CE2tutR_skWVteNbfEmilKQ

Still not on Spotify (we are checking why not), but only 5 out of 10 songs will be later on Spotify (Spotify is nice for you, but not nice for bands). However you can buy the hard copy album on our website or at POPoNAUT or download / listen at Bandcamp ! https://lalunenoire.bandcamp.com/album/dictator

Tomorrow another song on the radio show of Bridget Kyle Gray. Which song ? You just have to wait and listen ...

Today it's 9 years since the release of our first album Nitrogen, our first live gig and first interview in the newspaper. Time flies ...

Thanks to Lars Hoffmann, Platzhirsch Festival 2018, Non-Alignment Pact, KORINTHIANS, Wave Invasion and especially everyone who turned up yesterday in Duisburg ! We had a great time !

En La Luna Noire gaat los @ Platzhirsch Festival 2018

La Lune Noire has a show on 2018-11-24 at 20:00 @ Platzhirsch Festival 2018 in Duisburg, DE https://www.reverbnation.com/q/7d4fc4

Here is another excellent review on our new album Dictator ! For Dark Entries, written by Danny Quetin. (in Dutch, but I'm sure you can copy/paste in google translate) :-) http://www.darkentries.be/nl/recensies/la-lune-noire-dictator/?fbclid=IwAR3c276j8pEO0muejzsNl5ZgsHOCkkvzp65gET0CJD8VNlR4WmN5t-r5SCk

Dictator and Echoland are also available on POPoNAUT ! http://www.poponaut.de/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=la+lune+noire&&x=0&y=0

Check out this interview (in Dutch) for Luminous Dash magazine and please, like this page as well, to keep up with new info on LLN and other great bands !

We also receive fantastic support by De Dag des Oordeels Radio show ! Fake News on their latest show ! Also check out their previous podcast nr. 236 with 2 songs and an excellent review on our new album !!! Thank you Danny Quetin ! https://www.mixcloud.com/DeDagDesOordeels/de-dag-des-oordeels-237/?fbclid=IwAR29G427gV8dBg3pE9I6MwwdkD8Gyn-TGhJ542cSiMkjsaXSAvYbHHZujzQ

Excellent review by Didier Becu of Luminous Dash magazine on the new album Dictator ! (in Dutch) https://www.luminousdash.com/portfolio-items/la-lune-noire-dictator-svinx-records/?fbclid=IwAR0eqx4D5mTnjUb0QM6gtEsmLpIpR56zEYzUyB0wkoNgoQYprLlckoFD2I4 Also great news is that the song Wired to the screen will be in the playlist of @The Johnny Normal synthetic sunday readio show ! Listen here : https://www.facebook.com/groups/1749653465275989/

Great live footage of our gig at the Brigant, Arnhem of October the 5th ! Setlist : 0:00 Wired to the screen 5:19 Fake News 10:55 Hate 15:32 The Chosen One 19:55 Shots Are Fired 25:00 Nudes 29:40 Lust https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Ill-PSr-n8

Up next : Duisburg (D) with our friends of Wave Invasion @ Platzhirsch Festival 2018 !

All photo's by Arno Klos. Great serie of photo's that really catched the atmosphere of the evening. Thanks Arno ! (including our friend TENEDLE)

OUT NOW !!! Yes, the album will be LATER on Spotify, BUT ONLY 5 OUT OF 10 SONGS ! Please support us by buying the hard copy album, Spotify etc. is nice for you, but not really for bands like us. :-) Albums can be ordered through our website www.lalunenoire.nl or www.poponaut.de

Thanks everyone for a fantastic evening yesterday ! Also a BIG thanks to our friend TENEDLE and the Popcentrale, who made it possible. Hope to see you all again soon ! <3

La Lune Noire is gestart met de CD release party Dictator.

Als voorproefje op de CD release, nu aan het soundchecken in de Popcentrale Dordrecht.

Excellent news ! Today, just minutes before we perform Popcentrale, is the scoop of the new video clip Nudes !!! So, join us at La Lune Noire album release + Tenedle (IT), or else you have got to wait 1 more week to watch it. Also, our new song Cowboys and Indians will have its first airplay on radio warwickshire at The Johnny Normal SYNTHETIC SUNDAY Radio Show ! What a weekend ! Don't miss it ! Hope to CU tonight Let's have a party !

Tomorrow on stage, today in the newspaper !

La Lune Noire has a show on 2018-10-20 at 20:00 @ Popcentrale, Dordrecht in Dordrecht, ZH https://www.reverbnation.com/q/7ceykm

If you can't wait to hear the new album Dictator, you can already listen to the new song Hate. First on the air at Defsynth Radio ! (somewhere in the middle of the show) https://www.mixcloud.com/DEFsynthradio/defsynthcom-radio-s4e01-16th-oct-2018/?fbclid=IwAR0uML3nd3mlWHcGjcHMn6gY1A1VoHLcucERcdZSXYM9o_TpbIgw0pAorh4

Let op ! Zaal open om 20:30 uur (niet om 20:00 uur, zoals eerder op de poster stond)

Let op ! Zaterdag, bij de CD release party in In de Popcentrale, je toegangskaartje van EUR 10 bewaren, want deze moet je inleveren als je het nieuwe album ophaalt bij de merchandise tafel. Ook als je een kaartje van EUR 5 hebt gekocht (bijv. via de voorverkoop), kan je met bijbetaling van EUR 5 het nieuwe album ook nog kopen. Neem a.u.b. gepast contant geld mee. Thanks ! Tot zaterdag ! :-)

Zaterdag !

shared a photo
Gistermiddag het nieuwe album opgehaald. Nog 1,5 week dan kun jij hem ook hebben! Kom gezellig langs op onze Album Release Party op 20 oktober in de Popcentrale! Entree aan de deur (€10) is inclusief CD!

Sneak preview of the new album !!!

Thanks to everyone who came to see us and our friends 32 Ohm and DJ Dragnet at the Brigant in Arnhem last Friday ! Also a big thanks to the crew of the Brigant ! We hope to see you all again soon !

Met een gastoptreden van Paul Kusters in Brigant Arnhem

La lune Noire gaat los in Brigant Arnhem

Soundcheck @Brigant Arnhem

Very pleased to announce that we will play at the Platzhirsch Festival 2018 on 24/11/2018 (Thanks to Wave Invasion) ! Amongst other great acts there will also be our friends of Palais Ideal, xtort, KORINTHIANS and Non-Alignment Pact. Looking very much forward to play in Germany again !

Listen here to the podcast of one of the best radio shows, with this time our song the Chosen One in it ! http://radiowarwickshire.com/podcast/rw153-the-johnny-normal-synthetic-sunday-radio-show/


Also posters for our gig in Arnhem on 5/10 ! Looking forward to this !!!

Just received posters of our New Album Release Party at Popcentrale on 20/10. They look amazing !!!! Who want one ?

Promo video of our side project Hour Darkness. We need to make another one, now that Eddie has joined us on keyboards. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62LMJk7qcMM&feature=youtu.be

tour dates ... so far

The word is out ! https://luminousdash.com/vierde-album-la-lune-noire/

Get your agenda now, because the release party of the new album Dictator will be on the 20th of October 2018 at Popcentrale​, Dordrecht. We are very please to tell you that our support act will be our friend TENEDLE​. https://www.popcentrale.nl/programma/621/La%20Lune%20Noire%20album%20release%20%2B%20Tenedle%20%28IT%29

Artwork new album is ready ! EXITED !!!!

Tour dates and album release party to be annouched SOON !!!

Ons side-project Hour Darkness heeft weer een aantal optredens in het vooruitzicht!

So, the new album is now at the master of mastering Jeffrey de Gans of Da Goose Mastering. After our holidays we will proceed with the design of the cover and finally work on the video for the song Nudes. The new album Dictator will be released on October the 20th, so keep that date for us in your agenda.

Our album track "In love with a ghost" on Bridget Kyle Gray's Radio show My favorite Sings ! http://radiowarwickshire.com/podcast/my-favourite-sings-with-bridget-gray-episode-18-beauty-is-in-the-eye-of-the-beholder/

You can now pre-order the photobook of W-Festival 2017, including La Lune Noire !

OUT NOW !!! Check it out, Including our upcoming single Nudes and songs from other great bands, like our friends Zeitgeist Zero and Auger, are taking part. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=525g98Itqho

La Lune Noire is taking part of this orgy! Check it out !!!

Album update : Yesterday we finished mixing the album. The next 2 weeks are for intens listening and looking for improvements in the mix or in the songs. If everything is ok, we will finally go to Jeffrey de Gans of Da Goose Music, the master when it comes to mastering. Slowly getting there ... :-)

Album update : Only one more song to finish. Unfortunately Cubase crashed again (story of my life) and I'm not in the mood to try it again and again. Tomorrow there is another day. But, we are getting there and will sound fantastic !!!!

Nice review of the Synthetic City London festival !

Today I received some new photo's of our gig at W Festival last year. This brings back a lot of good memories ... Thank you Gun of EGW-Rock

Check out Bodiam on Defsynth.com radio !

Thanks everyone who turned up at our gig at Synthetic City London 2018 Electronic Music Festival. We had a great time performing, watching other great acts and especially meeting lovely people. Hope to CU again soon !

From our new upcoming album Dictator, We have lost the way.

Just too late too see our first gig in Londen? Hope to meet you next time (again).

La Lune Noire has arrived in Londen @The Water Rats. Now soundchecking. Come see us at 5PM.

On our way to London!

La Lune Noire has a show on 2018-03-24 at 14:00 @ The Water Rats in London, UK https://www.reverbnation.com/q/775oal

Next saturday we rock London !!!!

There is a big chance you will hear the new single Nudes tonight on the Synthetic Sunday Show at http://www.radiowarwickshire.com/ The single is not out yet, so you get a sneak preview of what to expect of La Lune Noire at the Synthetic City London 2018 Electronic Music Festival

Our song Bodiam on the Johnny Normal Synthetic Sunday radio show ! http://radiowarwickshire.com/podcast/rw124-the-johnny-normal-synthetic-sunday-radio-show/


To all you lovely people that support us ...

Now is the time to get your tickets ! https://www.facebook.com/events/1964103343839149/

So, 2017 is almost over and .... what a year it has been ! We had several great gigs, went to Germany for the first time (hopefully many will follow) and topped it all by playing at W-Festival (what a lovely crowd and organisation). We are looking very much forward to next year, with the new album Dictator coming up and our first show in London at the Synthetic City London 2018 Electronic Music Festival ! Hopefully France will follow as well, who knows. Thank you very much for your support last year, hope to see and meet you all again in 2018 ! <3 to you all !

Throwback Thursday : Tracks ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TETRw2rvKGs&list=RDTETRw2rvKGs

Now working on the new album Dictator. First upcoming live show : London !

So, some people have been waiting for the new album to come out for a long time now. True, all the songs have been written and if you have seen us live, you would have heard at least 5 new songs. However, due to various factors the release date was posponed several times. For now, we have no plans to hit the stage until Synthetic City in London. We want to take this time to finish the album Dictator. So, first gues is now somewhere in the first 3 months of 2018. We will keep you informed :-) I can tell you one thing : it is soo good !!!!!!

Thanks to everyone at SubKultur - Hannover and Lola Groningen! We had a fantastic weekend!!!

Na een succesvol optreden van La Lune Noire volgt Noire Antidote.

En ook vanavond maakt La Lune Noire er weer een feest van op de Halloweenparty in Lola-Groningen

Soundcheck In Lola-Groningen

Na een korte nacht en na een fantastische avond met Noire Antidote, La Lune Noire en als afsluiting Angels and Agony, nu op weg naar Lola in Groningen.

En La Lune Noire gaat los bij SubKultur - Hannover

Hannover! We are here.

La Lune Noire is de grens gepasseerd

Onderweg naar Hannover Met Victor Verzijl Sven Vogelezang en Eddie Meulmeester

La Lune Noire has a show on 2017-10-28 at 21:00 @ Lola in Groningen https://www.reverbnation.com/q/72yr13

La Lune Noire has a show on 2017-10-27 at 20:00 @ SubKultur in Hannover, DE https://www.reverbnation.com/q/72xp6d

Next weekend a road trip : On Friday we will play with Angels & Agony and Noire Antidote in Hannover and on Saturday with Noire Antidote at the HALLOWEEN Party in Groningen. Join us !!!

Good morning everyone ! We are very pleased and proud to announce that we will finally be playing in the UK and what better place to kick off than the SYNTHTIC CITY festival !!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYiH5GmK8ZA&feature=youtu.be

Morgen spelen we als Hour Darkness in Bibelot Poppodium Dordrecht weer de beste new wave nummers met die onverwachtse draai eraan. Opbrengst gaat naar de slachtoffers van orkaan Irma op St. Maarten. Jij komt toch ook ?

We will play at the Halloween Party in Groningen on 28/10 (the day after our gig in Hannover) !!! We are very pleased that Noire Antidote will join us on stage (again). Let's make this a hell of a party. We will play a lot of new songs, but obviously also a couple from our concept ghost album Echoland. We are here to haunt you !

Listen to the podcast of The Slab Goth Special including Nothing to Fear here ... https://www.mixcloud.com/richardfsmith92/the-slab-goth-special-with-richard-f-studio-guest-jason-lewis-via-birmingham-switch-radio-280917/

This evening !

Check out "If not in this World" on the Johnny Normal Synth Radio Show ! http://radiowarwickshire.com/podcast/rw104-the-johnny-normal-synth-radio-show-radio-warwickshire/

Op zaterdag 7 oktober spelen we met Hour Darkness op de benefiet avond Help Sint Maarten - benefietconcert | Bibelot Dordrecht !!! Heel blij dat DJ|MC Stanford en SEPARATE met ons het podium willen delen. Alle acts spelen volledig gratis, zodat alle opbrengst ten goede komt aan GIRO 5125 voor St. Maarten! We hebben jullie steun nodig om dit een succes te maken ! Deel dit bericht dus en vooral ....... laten we er met z'n allen een gesweldige avond van maken !!!

Thanks everyone for the new LIKES !!!

Check out the aftermovie of Wave Festival ! Sven is featuring in his usual style :-)

Fantastic photo's by Jean-Marc Piérard Photos concerts - Concert photography and Patrice Hoerner of La Lune Noire at W Festival 2017. Thank you for capturing those good times !

We just noticed that there are only 6 CD's of our second album Exster left ! Unless there is a sudden huge demand for a third batch (highly unlikely), there will be no more hard copies of Exster available, so ...... Get your copy now before it is too late !